BEEF TARTARE - Limousine beef, roman-style artichoke, carbonara sauce, watercress 14,00 Euro
SOFT EGG - Low temperature egg, courgette cream with basil, mustard 12,00 Euro
FRIED ZUCCHINI FLOWERS - Zucchini flowers stuffed with tapenade, pea cream, stracciatella with saffron 12,00 Euro
HEART MEATBALLS - Limousine Beef Heart, breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley 14,00 Euro
CHEESE AND SALAMI TASTING - Tasting of local cuts and cheeses, vegetables salad, gnocco fritto 14,00 Euro
VEAL IN SAUCE - Beef in tuna sauce foam, caper powder, brown stock 14,00 Euro

RISOTTO - Carnaroli rice with black garlic, chilli oil, burnt lemon 12,00 Euro
BOTTONI - Trout ravioli buttons with its caviar, smoked butter and orange 14,00 Euro
RAVIOLONE - Raviolone stuffed with ricotta and spinach, egg yolk, parmesan sauce, black truffle and hazelnuts 14,00 Euro
SPAGHETTONE - Spaghetti with cheese and pepper, broad beans and crispy bacon 12,00 Euro
PAPPARDELLA - Pappardelle with courtyard meat sauce, confit tomatoes, black olives 12,00 Euro

COSTATA - Limousine beef-rib, sandy potatoes, flavored butter 28,00 Euro
FILETTO AL CAMINETTO - Smoked beef fillet in bread crust with herbs, asparagus and mint 26,00 Euro
GALIZIA BURGER -150g of beef, gorgonzola, caramelized onion, crispy bacon, tomato, mustard and honey mayonnaise, cereal bun bread, rustic fried potatoes 18,00 Euro
TAGLIATA - Sliced limousine beef, sautéed with garden vegetables, hot rosemary oil 18,00 Euro
SALMERINO - Seared char, beetroot cream, sour radish, green beans, char sauce with chives 16,00 Euro


CHOCOLATE TART - Chocolate tart, chocolate ganache, salted caramel and frozen raspberries 8,00 Euro
CANNOLO SICILIANO - Sicilian cannoli, chocolate drops, ricotta, candied orange and pistachios 8,00 Euro
TIRAMISU' - Savoiardi, mascarpone cream, eggs and chocolate 7,00 Euro
CHEESECAKE - Lemon and sage cheesecake 7,00 Euro
GOLOSI DI NATURA - Fruit sorbets, fiordilatte ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream 7,00 Euro
Bread and cover3,00 Euro