BEEF TARTARE - Limousine beef, stewed and brazed leek, bagna cauda and hazelnuts 12,00 Euro
SOFT EGG - Poché egg, potato mousse, bread crumble with porcini mushrooms, toma cheese, black cabbage 12,00 Euro
POLENTA & GOOSE - Grilled polenta, hot goose salad, Brussel sprouts and pomegranate 12,00 Euro
HEART MEATBALLS - Limousine Beef Heart, breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley 12,00 Euro
CHEESE AND SALAMI TASTING - Tasting of local cuts and cheeses, vegetables salad, gnocco fritto 12,00 Euro

RISOTTO - Carnaroli rice of our Farm with red wine, thistles and castelmagno 12,00 Euro
TORTELLINI - Tortellini in capon broth, quail egg, flakes of Grana Padano 12,00 Euro
PASTA & BEANS - wholemeal pasta, beans, bacon, confit tomatoes 12,00 Euro
WHAT A GNOCCO! - Pumpkin gnocchi, gorgonzola, chive oil, crispy bacon 12,00 Euro
TRIPPA MILANESE - Honeycomb tripe, tomato, beans, onions, carrots and celery 12,00 Euro
TAGLIATELLA - Tagliatella with our red beef ragout 12,00 Euro

COSTATA - Limousine beef-rib, sautéed potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke and pumpkin 30,00 Euro
FILETTO AL CAMINETTO - Smoked beef fillet in bread crust, caramelized apples 24,00 Euro
GALIZIA BURGER -150g of beef, gorgonzola, caramelized onion, red cabbage, crispy bacon, mustard and honey mayonnaise, cereal bun bread, rustic fried potatoes 18,00 Euro
LA CASSEOULA - Terrine of casseoula in the net with its sauce, cabbage salad, cumin and pumpkin oil 16,00 Euro
TRIS DI BOLLITI - White steak, tongue, chuck, sweet and strong pear, green sauce 16,00 Euro
VEGETARIAN CUTLET - Celeriac cutlet with mashed curls 14,00 Euro


HEART OF CHOCOLATE - Chocolate cake with a soft choccolate heart, tangerine custard 7,00 Euro
LA TARTE TATIN - Caramelized apple pie and vanilla ice cream 7,00 Euro
TIRAMISU' CLASSICO - Savoiardi, mascarpone cream, eggs and chocolate 7,00 Euro
THE TART - Butter tart, pear jam, amaretto 7,00 Euro
GOLOSI DI NATURA - Fruit sorbets, fiordilatte ice-cream, chocolate 7,00 Euro
Bread and cover3,00 Euro