BEEF TARTARE - Beef Tartare, layer of Potato Chip, Pra di Russ Cheese fondue, Egg Yolk, buttermilk, Fresh Chives Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14,00 Euro
CRUNCHY EGG - Soft Boiled Egg, Green herb breading, Asparagus and Scimudin Cheese cream, Red Rice Chips 14,00 Euro
BBQ ARTICHOKE - Jacked Artichoke, Lemon jelly, Borage Flowers, Fresh Chives Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14,00 Euro
CARBONARA FLOWER - Deep-fried Pumpkin Flower with Ricotta cheese, cherry tomato, olives, Egg, Pecorino, Baco 14,00 Euro
CHEESE AND SALAMI TASTING - Tasting of local cuts and cheeses, vegetables salad, gnocco fritto 14,00 Euro

COUNTRYSIDE RISOTTO - Carnaroli rice, Watercress, Black Garlic, Lavender, Pollen 14,00 Euro
TAGLIATELLAE STRAW AND HAY - Fresh homemade egg Tagliatella, Red Beef Ragù 14,00 Euro
BUTTONS - Ricotta Cheese Ravioli, Spinaches, Brown Stock infused in Chamomile, roasted Pine-nuts 16,00 Euro
CACIO & PEPPER - Potato Gnocchi, Cacio Cheese, Pepper, fried Leek 12,00 Euro
JOY! - Cannelloni stuffed with Flank Steak Ragù, Turnip Greens, Carrots, Rosmary flowers 14,00 Euro

STEAK - Limousine Ribeye Steak, crunchy baked Potatoes, spicy Spinaches, Hay smoked Butter 30,00 Euro
TAGLIATA - Sliced limousine Beef, Scorzonera cream, Rosemary “jus de Veau” 22,00 Euro
CREPINETTE - Beef Tenderloin Tartare, Brown Stock, Lard, green herbs, Pig fat net, Asparagus, Green beans, Peas and fresh Mint 22,00 Euro
TICINO TROUT - Salmon Trout, Beatroot cream, Yogurt sauce and Dill, Trout eggs, Green beans 18,00 Euro
HAMBURGER - Beef Burger, Gorgonzola Cheese, Onion jam, Mayonnaise, home made baked Bread, French Fries 18,00 Euro


MILLEFEUILLE 2023 - Sheets of Dark Chocolate, Berry mousse, Meringue 8,00 Euro
FRIED CEREAL & MILK - Milk cream and Cereal fried Pancake, Caramel glaze, Chocolate Ice-cream 8,00 Euro
TIRAMISU’ - Savoiardi biscuit, Mascarpone, Dark Chocolate, Coffee 7,00 Euro
BEEHIVE, HONEY & CREAM - Panna Cotta, Honey Beehive biscuit, honey, almond cookie, Meringue 8,00 Euro
GOLOSI DI NATURA - Fruit sorbets, fiordilatte ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream 7,00 Euro
Bread and cover3,00 Euro