Where the waters evoke their prehistorical marvel, the RESTORATION of such ancient building reveals all their original glory

Recently abandoned, Cascina Galizia has been restored at its original splendor, thanks to the effort and the attentiveness of the family nowadays owning the farm: the Tarantola. Throughout such restoration they have been able to let it live a new life.n enormous quantity of energy has been put into this restoration in order to keep the most of the oldest part of the building. Such effort was majorly followed also thanks to the strict regulations given by the Superintendent of Fine Arts and by the Superintendent of the Ticino Park whilst proceeding with the works.
We have tried to recreate a space where our costumers can stay comfortable without ruining the natural course of nature, so the environment around them. We have recreated a space that no longer existed… both for tastings and didactic activities, but also for accommodations and much more. What our goal was and is still now is to create an environment where men's footprint is in symbiosis with nature. Moreover, to further preserve our respect and conviviality with nature the Family has decided to develop the idea of producing aliments naturally given by natural energy, also thanks to a discrete photovoltaic system installed nearby.