The peculiar environment of Galizia Farm, special place for relaxing promenades and one-in-a-lifetime events.

One page is too little to describe the magic world of Cascina Galizia, we would need much more… pages full of fascinating facts and images figuring our passion and devotion in what we are doing. When coming to Galizia Farm from Robecchetto con Induno, from the embankment that overlooks the farmhouse, you will be surprised by such beauty unfolding in front of your eyes. From the top you can enjoy the view of a green oasis backed up with some recovered buildings. The extensive farmland is furthermore enhanced thanks to its clear springs, fountains inhabited by small families of ducks gliding silently over the water, surrounded by the vastness of the Naviglio Grande. In one corner are aligned rows of different species of berries: blueberries, currants, blackberries … processed in the laboratory next-door, in mouth-watering jams, ice creams and juices. A road marks the boundaries of the entire property and can be seen as a visit into a visit, coasting as well as our spectacular farmhouse also our magical forest, the water spring to the right, and all our marveillous countryside. Moreover, form the Naviglio Grande, and the inner dock at the entrance of the property; slow boats and canoes have access to this oasis of peace, characterized by the typical buildings of our areas reflecting in the water.